Proprietors: Wal & Annie Wallace
The Joiners Shop Bunkhouse
Preston, Chathill,
Northumberland NE67 5ES
Telephone: 01665 589 245
Wal: 07745 373 729

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INDIVIDUALS/SMALL GROUPS: (not requiring sole use of bunkhouse) £15 per person per night (£8 under 15's)

GROUPS of 10-18 people: (guaranteed sole use of bunkhouse) £15 per person per night (£8 under 15)

GROUPS of 10 or less requiring sole use of bunkhouse pay £150 per night 

Logs and coal provided and sold on site.

Just to remind you, in return for your fee you’ll have access to:

Don’t have room for a sleeping bag? For a small extra fee, we can provide you all with the bedding you need.

Beadnell Bay

The Joiner's Shop Bunkhouse

View from Preston Tower