Proprietors: Kirsten Sutherland
The Joiners Shop Bunkhouse
Preston, Chathill,
Northumberland NE67 5ES
Telephone: 01665 589 135
Kirsten: 07955230328

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From the moment you step inside The Joiners Shop Bunkhouse, you’re reminded of the building’s humble but fascinating history, and the distant rural life it once stood for.

The building dates back to the 1860s when it was a purpose built Joiners Shop: the one to which it owes its name today.

Here, skilled craftsmen were employed to design and develop the estate buildings for the Baker-Creswell and Elliot families who employed them to create all kinds of woodwork for the estates of the two important land-owning families.

For many years, the building served a vital purpose in the life of the community, providing essential goods and employment. But rural society was changing fast.

Once a hive of activity, the saws stopped sawing, the planes stopped planing – and the workshop became a family dwelling place.

In the early 1990s, things changed once more. People were starting to rediscover the beauty of Northumberland. So the larger workshop building was converted into bunk-bed accommodation.

Then, in 2003, Wal & Annie Wallace escaped the urban life, and took on the bunkhouse to reconnect with a part of the country they’d been in love with for years. Now, from their home next door, they offer a warm welcome to people all over the UK and the world who’ve chosen to escape too; if only for a little while.


The Joiner's Cottage - Kirsten's home!

Preston Lane

Sitting by the fire